SUV vs Sedan – Which One is the Best for You?

05/16/201916th May, 2019
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Whilst there are hundreds of models and makes for modern drivers to choose from, the most important decision they’ll initially make is the fundamental one – the body type.


The Sedan and the SUV (sports utility vehicle) are amongst the most popular body types sold in the US today, with the SUV recently passing the Sedan as the most popular on the market.

But just because an SUV is right for one person, that doesn’t mean it will be right for everyone. Indeed, these two vehicular body types alone vary wildly in not only how they look and how they drive but in terms of efficiency, versatility and more. As such, we’ve compiled a rough breakdown of the reasons you might choose one over the other, depending on your needs and situation.


Space – If you have a large family and you like to take adventurous road trips every once in a while, there really is no contest here. SUVs offer not only more space to fit more bodies (and more luggage) but more space for family members to stretch out, which can be an immensely powerful thing.

Size – The sheer height of an SUV might prove advantageous for drivers who prefer a full view of the road. This extra height means you’ll be able to spot any imperfections in the road from further away and also spot that crucial parking space!

Flexibility – Not only can many SUVs be flexible inside (with fold down seats etc) but they offer greater flexibility when it comes to terrain. As most SUVs are four-wheel-drive, they will be more capable when it comes to climbing steep hills and ploughing through the mud and the muck, not to mention rain and snow!


Price – If you’re sitting on a reasonably tight budget, the price can be the most important factor and you are far more likely to find an affordable sedan than an affordable SUV. Even from a reputable seller such as Peter Vardy, even compact SUVs are generally rather pricey compared to their sedan counterparts.

Fuel – SUVs have got better in recent years, but they still pale in comparison to sedans when it comes to fuel economy. Sedan cars, meanwhile, get many more miles to the gallon because the tanks are smaller and the cars themselves are generally more efficient.

Performance – Sedans are all about speed and as they are also typically more aerodynamic than SUVs, they also feel faster, even when they might not necessarily be as nippy as you might think. Sedans are lighter and are designed with performance in mind, so whilst an SUV might be more of a functional car, a luxury sedan will almost always be the cooler choice.

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