Tips To Get The Most Cool From Your Car Air Conditioning 

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17th August, 2019
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As the summers are on new height right now and those who need to travel a lot on a daily basis in their car, car’s air conditioning is the thing which is letting them move from one place to another in this scorching heat outside.

But sometimes the car’s AC is unable to offer us better service, so what do you do in that case?

If you also face this problem you with the help of this article, I am going to share some tips with the help of which you can get the most cooling from your car Air Conditioning.

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Tips to get the coolest from your car air conditioning:

Here is the list of tips that can help enhance the overall cooling of your car’s air conditioning.

  • Window Shades – This thing would sound to you an ineffective one, but this is an important tip to get the most cooling from your car’s AC. You might be knowing that when you park your car somewhere in direct sun, entering in the car seems to be an impossible thing at that time and the heat inside the car is so high that the AC is also unable to provide cooling to your car. So for getting rid of such issues, you should use window shades which help block the sun rays and heat would not be able to enter inside your car and hence will boost your car’s AC cooling.  


  • Sun visors – Sun visors are also a good option which can help stop the sun rays and heat from coming inside your car. Sun visors do not only work when the car is parked somewhere, but they will also help in not letting the heat come inside your car when it is moving and hence will boost your car’s Air Conditioning performance.

  • AC technique – The next tip with the help of which you can get the coolest from your car’s Air Conditioning is use your car AC with a planned method. In which when you enter your car, you should turn all the windows down and then put the AC in blower mode. After two to three minutes you can turn on AC in cooling mode, with the help of this method the overall cooling of your car will be faster.  


  • AC curtains for SUV’s – Cooling a huge car such as an SUV is not an easy task, even for better and high-quality Air Conditioning. So if the last open part of your SUV is not in use, then you can take advantage of an AC curtain with the help of which you will block the last part for from cooling, and hence the car’s AC would have to cover a smaller area then before.  

These are the tips which will help in boosting the overall performance of your car’s Air Conditioning.  

author avatar Written by Paul Hadley

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