Ways to Protect Your PS4 From Security Threats

Joe Terrell
01/07/20207th January, 2020
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PS4 gamer? Like to get your drifting fix on your tv? Then you need to secure your console. These steps show you how.

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When people talk about security threats such as viruses and hackers, they’re always talking about Windows PCs, but why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the security threats that console users face?

Yes, your PS4 and Xbox can become haven for security threats, and it’s best that you learn how to ward them off and keep yourself safe, as these security threats range from bots trying to steal your personal information to people snooping on your information while you’re using the console to intercept data and steal information.

Learning how to deal with these situations are important, but first, let’s start with a simple question: can your console get a virus?

Can Your Console Get a Virus?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: while technically your console could get a virus if someone sat down and dedicated time to manufacture a virus dedicated to infecting a PS4/Xbox operating system, no one’s going to, since there’s not much to gain from infecting a console.

So no, no one’s going to infect your console with a virus. Even if you end up visiting a site loaded with viruses, they won’t infect your console due to being made for Windows OS.

Now, onto the main course: what dangers to look out for. There are a couple I want to focus on, and both focus on people and phishing, since these are the main threats that plague consoles.

Phishing Scams

I haven’t seen many phishing scams on Xbox, though I’m sure they exist. However, I’m well aware of the phishing problem that PlayStation consoles face, especially the PS4.

If you’re not aware of what phishing is, think of those emails or messages you get where they ask you to click a link, or to donate money to a certain account because of an accident, and vice versa. Phishing is manipulation through social engineering, and I have found myself receiving many messages from obvious bot accounts.

When I say obvious, I mean it! These accounts typically ask you for your account info, or ask you to click a link to see some NSFW pictures that they want you to see. Except, you know, instead of NSFW pictures, it’s a site meant to extract information out of you. 

Phishing messages have gotten worse over the past couple years, so it’s best to mute your messages and/or only allow friends to message you.

Snooping on Your Network

Many console games are digitally-exclusive nowadays; well, indie games are. But a lot of indie games are worth playing, so buying these games means you need to purchase them through the digital store of your respective console.

While this seems all fine and dandy, there are risks that come with purchasing things online, and one of them is someone snooping on your data through your network.

If your network isn’t secure enough, there’s a chance that someone may be intercepting data being sent to and from your devices, and your console is no exception. Even if your network is secure, there

To fix this, you can either:

  • a) secure your network by adjusting your gateway’s settings or 
  • b) install a PS4 VPN, which will encrypt all the data coming to and from your PS4 while on your network. I recommend the VPN route, as this has worked for me for years, but it’s up to you.


The fortunate thing about consoles is that there aren’t many threats that come with using one that can’t be easily avoided. The threats that do exist, such as the phishing scams I mentioned earlier, are easily avoided as long as you take extra precautions and know what you’re doing.

Plus, even if consoles end up becoming vulnerable to viruses, all it will take to avoid them is a bit of common sense—just like regular viruses on Windows!

author avatar Written by Joe Terrell Drifted.com founder, motoring journalist and all-round car enthusiast. Read more about Joe and the Drifted team on our about us page.

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