What Is The Most Fuel-Efficient Car?

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02/18/202018th February, 2020
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There are hardly any people in the world who do not get fascinated by cars. Since the invention of automobiles, most people dream of sitting behind the wheel once they earn enough money. Over many decades, car manufacturers have produced a wide range of cars, including muscular, lean, speedy, and economical.

People’s obsession with cars and their adrenaline rush has invented the phrase “four-wheeled wonder.” In this write-up, we will mainly talk about the most fuel efficient cars, which fall into the category of the economic segment.

Fuel efficiency is a major feature to consider when people decide to purchase a car. It is because for long-term usage, instead of the beauty and speed of a vehicle, its efficiency will become the most important factor.

The fuel efficiency of a car is calculated from its meter, and then it rounded off according to the closest mileage per gallon. We have listed the best gas saving cars below, considering the test results of their fuel economy. Here is the list.

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq comes from the leading car manufacturer Hyundai, which managed to overcome its competitor Toyota in recent years with an extra 2 MPG. This car has a stunning look, various features for safe driving, and excellent fuel efficiency of 58 MPG. Overall, Hyundai Ioniq is a great vehicle that will give value for money.

Toyota Prius

Nearly every car lover across the globe is aware of Toyota Prius as a frontline vehicle due to its fuel efficiency. This car is probably one of the better and well-known hybrid cars with excellent fuel economy of 56 MPG. Besides fuel efficiency, this car also received a high rating from experts and consumers among the top compact cars available. Prius may not be a speedster, but it is a safe car both for personal and family use.

Toyota Camry

The third car on the list is also from Toyota. This hybrid version of Camry has an intense competition with the rival Honda when it comes to total combined miles per gallon. With its 52 MPG, Camry has gone past Honda by providing the true value for your money. It is easier to maintain this car, considering a time frame of more than 10 years. In addition, Camry has some great features that you may usually find in luxury cars.

Honda Insight

This car is on par with Toyota Camry due to the same fuel economy of 52 MPG. Apart from gas efficiency, this vehicle is easy to maintain, along with some excellent features. In fact, Honda Insight is easy to maintain, and you can include it among the vehicles for its hassle-free handling for a long period. The car’s design is sleek, but the sloping roof of the car can create space constraints for passengers that are taller.

Kia Niro

This vehicle is the first SUV in the list due to its impressive features and fuel economy of 49 MPG. In 2019, this car won several awards for its safety features. It is an excellent car if you want to buy a car that has enough space, can accommodate passengers, and good space for cargo.

Honda Accord Hybrid

The hybrid version of the Honda Accord is a mid-size car with a good fuel efficiency of 48 MPG. In addition, the car has an aesthetic appeal, which is pleasing to the eye, plus it comes with various safe driving features. Also, the add-on features of this car include auto-braking and help drivers to maintain lanes.

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